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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Prominent food chains in India

''Indians are grabbing the deals and papering their taste buds while soothing both their tummy as well as pockets. Most of the food chains also offer online food ordering facility at quite reasonable prices along with many exciting discounts.''

Many people cannot tolerate hunger. They need to appease their appetite whenever they feel hungry and food chains in India are doing well in this respect. Many renowned food chains are having restaurants at every corner of the city serving people with their delicious cuisines instantly. Most of them also offer online food ordering facility at quite reasonable prices along with many exciting discounts.

Indians are grabbing the deals and papering their taste buds while soothing both their tummy as well as pockets. This also gives them chance to treat their friends on every small or big occasion. Actually, online discount coupons make them so as they can buy two servings when they are paying for one only. Some prominent food chains are –

KFC – KFC stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken where you can enjoy mouthwatering menu including chicken snacker, potato crisper, cold coffee, crushers, hot wings (the most popular), and corn cups etc. KFC serves both types of Indians vegetarians and non-vegetarians with its delicious dishes. In 2013 it was having 18,875 outlets in 118 countries including India and still counting. KFC is having its restaurants in all major cities in India.

Dominos – Dominos was started in Michigan as a small pizza store and later it grew as a big food chain having 6000 restaurants at different international locations. It is serving in all major cities in India with its wide range of delicious pizzas. It offers both veg. and non-veg. pizzas along with online ordering and home delivery facility. Its awesome services and affordable prices are making Indians enjoy pizza very frequently.
PizzaHut – It is an American restaurant chain renowned for serving yummy pizzas. In 2012 it had 11,139 branches worldwide and proliferating around the world rapidly. It offers crunchy and cheesy pizzas with distinct toppings. Along with veg. and non.veg pizzas it also offers pastas and soft drinks. People can place order for free home delivery online as well as on phone.

Subway – Subway is leading American fast food chain with 42,070 restaurants around the world in 2014. Its wide range of products includes Italian B.M.T., Roasted Chicken, Subway Club, Tuna, Meatball, Marinara, Subway Melt, Chicken Teriyaki, Steak & Cheese and Veggie Delight etc.
Mc Donald – Mc Donald is a renowned brand serving people with tasty hamburgers. People in India love to visit Mc Donald frequently for tasty and yummy hamburgers along with cheeseburgers, chicken, French fries, breakfast items and desserts etc. It has more than 35,000 restaurants worldwide. 

Protecting your skin in monsoon

Monsoon is the season which pleases us and we all like to enjoy the first rain of the season. Taking ice-cream and pakodas when it rains is the different fun. Many people like to get drenched in rain and enjoy the season at their fullest. But, you should take care of your skin as this is the moisture in air that bothers you a lot. You should adopt some tips to keep your skin hydrated, healthy and glowing.

Girls with oily face have to take care of their skin the most because moisture in air makes their face oilier. Usually, in this condition girls apply oil free face washes as well as wash their face many times to get rid of the excess oil. But, they are unaware about the fact the harmful chemicals in face washes also washes away the natural oil from their face.

This poses negative effect and to avoid this they should splash their face with water instead of using face wash every time. They can also pick any herbal product or recipes like multani mitti or besan. They should apply sunscreen lotion or the creams containing SPF to protect their skin from UV rays.
SPF is mandatory even when the sun is not out because the UV rays are still there. You should also use night creams to provide enough nutrition to your skin. Night creams are made especially to apply in night as they do not contain SPF. Make sure to keep your skin clean. You can also go for cleanup once in a week rather you can try it at home.

First of all clean you face by applying cleansing milk for few minutes and then wash it away. Now, apply scrub, later massage cream in the same way and then the face pack, and wait till it gets dry. Make it sure to apply the cream in upward direction.

This way you can keep your face clean and glowing. You can even use bleach after cleansing milk to hide the unwanted hair on your face. Remember not to apply it near eyes and eye browse. Girls having sensitive skin should test the products before using following the direction given with the product.

It’s better to choose herbal products as they have no or negligible side effects. So, make your skin shiny and glowing this monsoon following the tips given and strictly following the dos and dont’s. 

Effective Herbal Remedies for Hypothyroidism....continued

Coconut Oil
Coconut Oil is rich in medium chain fatty acids, which ensures the proper functioning of thyroid gland. You can use extra virgin organic coconut oil for cooking. Coconut oil is a saturated fat, which can also be consumed by adding it to milk. You can take two tablespoon of coconut oil with milk along with breakfast every day. It also helps in improving the metabolism rate of the body.
Evening Primrose Oil
Evening Primrose Oil is a rich source of amino acids which ensures the good nourishment of thyroid gland. It is an essential herbal treatment of hypothyroidism as it improves the functioning of thyroid gland. It not only helps patient to combat with hypothyroidism but also removes the problems associated with it like heavy menstrual flow and hair loss. It also reduces the inflammation. One tablespoon of Evening Primrose Oil should be taken every day.

Nettle is actually an herb which balances the functioning of thyroid gland. It treats hypothyroidism as well as hyperthyroidism. It treats under activity of thyroid gland effectively as it is a rich source of iodine which ensures proper functioning of thyroid gland. Nettle can be consumed by making herbal tea twice or thrice a day. Add one tablespoon of dried herbs in a vessel containing a cup of boiling water, steep it for 10 minutes or more and then strain it. You can add some sweetening like honey or sugar before drinking.  You can also massage Nettle Oil gently on neck area to make thyroid gland to produce more hormones.

Siberian Ginseng
Siberian Ginseng is very useful ingredient for working of adrenal gland and thymus gland and therefore, it can also be used to ensure proper working of thyroid gland. This herb helps people to combat with fatigue, which is the most common symptom of hypothyroidism. People suffering from hypothyroidism can take 100 mg to 200 mg of Siberian Ginseng extract twice a day, before breakfast and lunch.
Black Walnut
Black Walnut is rich in organic iodine and magnesium. Both of these ingredients help thyroid gland to produce hormone so as to combat with under activity of thyroid gland.  Those who are suffering from hypothyroidism should add Black Walnut into their daily diet.  Black Walnut helps people to combat with hypothyroidism without showing any side effects, for which the herbal treatments are known.

Above mentioned nine effective herbal remedies definitely ensures proper functioning of thyroid gland to get rid of hypothyroidism. But, in the case of serious hypothyroidism problem, you must consult your doctor for proper medical help.

Effective Herbal Remedies for Hypothyroidism

You suffer with hypothyroidism when your thyroid gland becomes underactive. It directly affects the rate of metabolism which gives rise to certain problems like fatigue, constipation, increased sensitivity to cold, dry skin, hoarse voice, puffy face, cramping of muscles, brittle nails and hair, and depression etc. Hypothyroidism can be treated at home, if it is mild, otherwise it can be controlled or   prevented by using herbal remedies. 9 effective herbal remedies to treat hypothyroidism are as follows- Iodine

Iodine is very essential for proper functioning of Thyroid gland. Those who are suffering from Hypothyroidism should increase taking iodine in their diet as hypothyroidism means your thyroid gland is not producing enough hormones. Therefore, to make it more active, you need to increase iodine intake. Some of the rich sources of iodine are yoghurt, fish, meat, eggs, oatmeal, seafood, potato, parsley, radish, bananas and salt. Kelp or seaweed is also a natural supplement, which can be obtained from online stores. But, before taking natural supplement you should consult your doctor about the amount of dose you need to take.
Bladder Wrack

 Bladder Wrack is a kind of seaweed which improves the functioning of thyroid gland resulting in getting rid of hypothyroidism. It contains high amount of iodine which is very essential for proper functioning of thyroid gland. Bladder Wrack is also used in the treatment of constipation, arthritis pain, bronchitis and anxiety etc. However, it is suggested to take 200 mg of Bladder Wrack supplement everyday by experts, but it’s better to consult a doctor first.

Flax Seed
Flax Seed contains omega 3 fatty acids, which ensures proper functioning of thyroid gland. Those who are suffering from hypothyroidism can take flax seed as well as flax oil. Ground flax seeds can be taken with water on empty stomach everyday and at the same time flax seed oil can also be consumed daily. It not only helps the patient to combat with hypothyroidism but also prevents constipation and reduces cholesterol level.

Ginger is a rich source of magnesium, potassium and zinc. In addition to this, its powerful anti-inflammatory properties help in improving the functionality of thyroid gland. Ginger can be taken in different ways by those who are suffering from hypothyroidism. It can be used as ingredient for making soups and other dishes as well as the most common way to take ginger is tea. Hot herbal tea can be taken thrice a day. People suffering from improper functionality of thyroid gland can also take dried ginger.

Grab low cost and organised trips

No doubts travelling and visiting different places is the imperative and rejuvenating task of our lives. Getting a break from working for multiple months continuously really rejuvenates you and pours positive energy. Some people avoid it because it makes them spend hefty amounts of money. However, to rejuvenate body, mind and soul is of utmost importance. You can grab some travel packages while making your trips organised.
Visiting an unknown place without prior knowledge and information can actually make you spend boatloads of money. Leave all your worries on travel agents and you just focus on enjoying and rejuvenating yourself. Your trips also need to be organised since any unwanted problem can make you keep juggling to survive there.

To make your visit full of sweet memorable moments instead of horrible experiences you should pre plan your trip and to contact a travel agent is beneficial because they bring you tailor made packages that are low cost and of course organized. You can also find these travel agents online.
Now, you can search the package you need whenever and wherever you want and that too at reasonable prices. You can find the packages that meet your budget and the requirements. They book flight tickets, rooms in hotels for you as well as you get a chauffeur to take you from airport to the hotel.
They provide you comprehensive and right information about the hotel you are going to check in. Moreover, you get the flexibility to choose the room depending on your budget. The biggest thing to be informed is the facility of coupon codes. If you redeem a coupon code, you will get additional discount to make your package more affordable.

You can enjoy spa, swimming pool, and other services while knowing about the culture, food habits, dressing and climate of the place. This even makes you a cosmopolitan which definitely adds to your confidence and potential of working. Keep working without a break is never wise. You need to have some fun to start work again with great energy and full concentration.

So, do visit online travel websites before planning your trip as you can find a feasible way to save money and make your trips organized.  So, make your trip devoid of hassles of finding a proper place to stay and then managing to have sightseeing. Always bring memories that enchant you every time when you share with others.